Friday, April 29, 2011

Alexa Sitting

I wonder whats on her mind...

Alexa: (Is Marius is looking at me?) *blushing*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Kiki's Line when she see or hear something lesbian related...

and she yells "Bitch'n!" spazing out across the room, and look like a Chibi...

XD Adorable.

"I Love You, Brother"

How, Sweet... ^^

The Point is!

True, if you played Rockman (Original or X Series) you'll know, Rock's Weakness is spikes...

so I really don't know why Wily never made Needle Man the one to kill Rockman... ^^;

Teen Annaliese

Wow, shes cute as a 12 yr old, but as a 18 yr old, she is HAWT!!! XD

Mermaid Mizuki

Uh-oh, if Mizuki stay as a Mermaid, People well take her away... O_O

AUGH! Gassy Bum!

Seriously, Never go to a fully loaded ass...

Poor Mizuki...

Freddy Meets Freddie & FЯED

Freddy Meets Other Freds... XD

Monday, April 25, 2011

8-bit Marius Dixon


Caramelldansen Dance (Mizuki & Stupid)

Caramelldansen Dance!



for Shonnie


Drop the Bucket

Azumanga Daioh Much...? XD

well at least Penguin hasn't "kicked the bucket..." XD

Penguin: ....Your not funny... -_-;

Marius: What? its true in Batman Returns... XD

Penguin: Shuddap... -_-;

Annaliese: Please, you 2 stop fighting... :(

Marius: We're not, I was just joking...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Anything Else?"

Well this what I love to have for Breakfast... ^^

Pancakes, Eggs, Sausages, Bacon, Donuts, and Dumplings...
w/ Lemonade, and French Vanilla Coffee.

and Yes, thats can keep me Full for a while... ^^

Daishuto Diner

Yes, This is Eho's Daily Job...

and Samantha's Ex-Job.... (in BBI 0, it'll explain why shes fired...)

its the place where you can eat, and hang out.... ^^

this place been made Cornel D. Samual 1st.

Breakfast serves in anytime.
also Dinner, and etc serves at anytime. ^^

Oh and btw, Mr.Samual III is flamboyant.... ^^;

The Inspiration for this...

"Stan's Place. (The Hero's Bar)"
from ItsJustSomeRandomGuy's Marvel & DC Series ^^

"That Diner from that music video, called Telephone"
by. Lady Gaga. ^^

Wrong Haaaaaaand...!

(from 8 Crazy Nights)
I liked the movie Candyman, also the 8 Crazy Night Movie as well... XD

so that hook hand, can be a problem, even for Candy Man.... XD

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meeting as Children

Awwww, its Kiki and Mokm as 6 yr olds... ^^


in 1993, this is how they met...

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Marius, Shonnie, Kevin, Joey, Marce, e-chan, Brianna, Kam-Kam, Adongod, Sempai-Kevin, Caitlin, and Koi.


Terminator hates Pussies! (not from women...)

(this is the TOY MANIA Terminator...)

Just Chill'n

^^ Gamers.. ^^

Mizuki: *eating rice balls* Mmmmm... want some, Hiri-Chan?

Hiri: No Thanks. :D

Mizuki: Okaaay.

Hiri: ^_^ I love this game!

Mizuki ^//^

Suzuka: ....(Oh Mizuki, your so cute...)

Turning Japanese

Okay, Okay, Senkia IS Japanese... XD
but Kiki isn't... XD


Weegee: *appears out of nowhere* Hiiii....

Ayaka: *turns* Myew? *sees a weegee* *jumps on eho* MYEW!! *sobbing* Myew...

Eho: *roll her eyes* "sigh" Ayaka, Weegees are not that scary...

Weegee: O Rly?

Eho: Yes, Rly... -_-;

Weegee: ......I'll see you soon....Eho....

Eho: .........whatever you say.... (freak...)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scandalous Love

so many girls that Marius got feelings for...

(Aluma, Adeleine, Maggie, Crystal, Candi, and Angel)

His childhood best friend and helper... he has some feelings for her, but Aluma got alot feelings for him, but she is to shy to tell him...

Deep down, he do got feelings for Adeleine.
Adeleine got feelings for him after speding time with him, and been saved by Marius from Mariyou...
she thinking that, they'll be together...

Marius has shown no feelings for maggie, but deep down he does, he thinks shes cute, but he does not fond what she do to Annaliese, and Jaabili have of the time...
Maggie is in love with him cause from being saved once (that will be shown in BBI 0).

As for spending time with her and seeing that she loves spooky and fun things (cause he enjoys that too.) and cause he think Crystal is cute, and hot, he want things good to happed to Her.
Crystal deep down gotten in to him.. (shown in BBI 0)

Marius may find Candi, Bad... but he doesn't care, he think Candi is pretty cute, and sexy... not only that, him and her did... "do it once"
Candi did think he is stunning... XD

As knowing that Angel got the hots for him, he feeled loved (even thought it happed to him before...) as he find Angel sexy, he will try to get her a good time... even though he shows that he ain't...

Angel see to love Marius, and treat him like she is her own, and treat him with care, and respect... ^//^

Ahhh Love... ^//^

Btw, you might wanna play the song "Scandalous" by Prince.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Videogame Night!

Turn on your games!
and PLAY!!! XD

Now this is the Gamer Room, just like the cinema room, just call out the game, or poke a poster.

Hiri: So.....Much.....Games!! :D *faint* ...........

Mizuki: O_O Hiri-Chan? Hiri-Chan?? HIRI-CHAN!!!! *sobbing* Mama!!! HIRI-CHAN IS DEAD!!

Mihoko: Hohohohoho, shes not dead, silly, she just in a "VGgasim..."

Mizuki: Oh... *sniff*

Movie Night

Get some popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and etc... we're watching a movie.

Okay, this is Cinema Room from the BBI Lab, when your there, you just poke or say the posters and then a robotic hand well give you the DVD of the film and then you place it in a DVD or a Bluray player... and there ya go...

(this are some, thats not all...)

Elska: Hmmmm, such good films.... hurm....

Sora: All of them looks interesting...

Erusu: Mommy! OoO *points at jason goes to hell poster*

Elska: What is it pumpkin? *looks* Gaah! Damn that thing is scary...

Sora: I think its kinda cute. ^w^

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gaia Style BBI

^^ Me, Bored...

Marius Dixon
Mizuki Ichiro
'Lo Lani
Kara Puft
Damon Featherway
Eho Tokoburi
Annaliese Fellorr
Maggie Fermbuckz

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sora's Swimsuit


Sora's Swimsuit.


Chibi Dolls BBI

Aluma... -_-;

Marius: *mad* "squeak" (Aluma, you nut...) -_-;

Adeleine: ^//^ "squeak" ('re so cute..)

Annaliese: <3 ^//^

Kevin: >_< "squeak" (Aluma, better turn me back..)

Elska: "squeak" (Jakey! Over here!!)

Crystal: T___T "squeak..." (Noooo, Why me.....?)

Evellia: "squeak" (New Enemy, Aluma!)

Mokm: "squeak" (I want a change, but not like this!)

Kikisho: "squeak" (Senki? Senki?? Where are you?)

Senkia: "squeak" ("sigh" where are you, Kiki-Sempai?) :(

Violet: >_<

Poppy: :D


Eho: "squeak..." (God, Mizuki you're already adorable...) -///-;

Aluma: i'm Sorry!! >_< *sobbing*

Moe: Ooog... >_<

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a Sarna Doll?

Ain't it adorable... XD

Shonnie: U_U Zzzzzzzz....

Sarna: *squeak* ^^

Shonnie: Aaah! O_O what the--? *looks at the doll* S-Sarna?

Sarna: *squeak* ^//^